Rainy Hair Days

It’s no lie that a woman has skipped out on a date or even a night out with the girls because of, yes, the weather. Humidity and rain may give us a dewy, glowy complexion but when it comes to hair, it’s never a win-win situation. When it’s raining cats and dogs it’s safe to say that some of us ladies resemble these adorable creatures with frizz and dullness taking over the hair region. Great news…there are hairstyles that suit this weather and products that can help combat these less than desirable hair situations beforehand.

Make a habit for checking the week’s weather beforehand; planning minor things such as outfits that suit outdoor conditions will help make your busy life easier. Also knowing when the weather will affect your mane is necessary so you can begin to treat your locks overnight. The night before the dreaded downpours, work a leave-in overnight mask into your hair like John Frieda’s crème Overnight Repair Formula serum, which works for dry, unruly hair prone to frizz ($9, drugstore.com). The product will have time to penetrate the hair leaving it less frizzy throughout the day. If conditioning before is just not an option, try out some cool new hairstyles! Grab a comb and some hairspray and let’s start experimenting.

Updos are a celebrity favorite on and off the red carpet, and a great secret weapon for looking flawless in less than desirable weather. Start with parting your hair down the middle or to the side. Tease hair at the crown and spritz on hold spray. From there, the possibilities are endless; try a low ponytail like Beyonce or a messy bun like Scarlett Johansson. Don’t be afraid to experiment with updos, wear a loose braid or twist the hair at the crown and secure with bobby pins like Hilary Duff. An extra accessory such as a headband or a rhinestone clip can make your do look more polished. Don’t forget to load up on holding spray so your look doesn’t fall flat. —— By: Anna Dabrowska


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