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Being in the spotlight for many artists is a short lived experience. For Sunshine Anderson, brighter days have yet to come. With a new single and a newly released album, ‘Sunshine at Midnight’, the North Carolina songstress has made a remarkable come back. Living up to her birth name; Sunshine is bringing heat to the R&B scene on a newly paved route to success. Co-signed by Matthew Knowles and her own label, Sunshine Anderson can embark on a musical journey at her own will. With her heart felt music and business oriented mind state, Sunshine Anderson is ready for the industry.

Singersroom: It’s nearly six years later after a long break, since your 2001 release and time away from the scene, what have you been up to?

Sunshine Anderson: I’ve been spending time with family.

Singersroom: So how does it feel to have another opportunity being that many artists do not redeem their status when label situations go sour?

Sunshine Anderson: It feels great to be back. Feels great!

Singersroom: Are there any significant differences working under Matthew Knowles and his Management group compared to when you worked alongside Macy Gray?

Sunshine Anderson: Yes, I’m more of a business woman now. I also work under my own company, Shining Star.

Singersroom: Do you currently communicate with Macy Gray – – friendship wise?

Sunshine Anderson: No I don’t. I would like to though.

Singersroom: “Heard It All” was your first major hit that was well received. How did you approach selecting “Something I Wanna Give You” as your latest single which ultimately marked your return?

Sunshine Anderson: I listened to the album over and over. I listened to the beat also because that determines what track I’ll use as well as what’s best for radio. That’s how I chose “Something I Wanna Give You.”

Singersroom: So the album is named Sunshine at Midnight. How did you go about choosing that name?

Sunshine Anderson: The term Midnight was coined by Macy Gray. People would often ask her what time she was going on to perform and she would say “midnight”. So midnight was a term from Macy.

Singersroom: What are the differences in the tracks on this album compared to the tracks on your first album “Your Woman?”

Sunshine Anderson: Musically, I basically picked up where I left off with my first album. I did a lot more writing. I worked on about five to six tracks. I worked with people like Raphael Saadiq, Yummy Bingham, Matmattix, Dre’s on there and Nottz.

Singersroom: What artists are you currently listening to and what is it about them that grasped your attention?

Sunshine Anderson: Mary J., Fantasia; Just good music. Anything that is good.

Singersroom: Is there anybody specifically you wish to work with in the near future since your fans will be awaiting a third album?

Sunshine Anderson: I would like to work with the same people again. I enjoyed putting this project together.

Singersroom: So you’re currently on the road doing radio shows and promoting ‘Sunshine at Midnight’, how is that going for you? Does the love bring back memories?

Sunshine Anderson: It’s going great. Being on the road brings back great memories. I been promoting and staying stronger than ever.

Singersroom: Let’s get acquainted with the fun Sunshine Anderson. Where do you like to go and what do you like to do on free time?

Sunshine Anderson: I like to rest, I like to read, travel, chill with my girls…

Singersroom: So for the grown fans, guys in particular who we know have missed Sunshine, are you taking applications?

Sunshine Anderson: No… (laughing) None needed at all.

Singersroom: As for me, I’m still bumping “Heard It All Before” but I did get a chance to hear another song called “Problems.” What inspired that track?

Sunshine Anderson: Truth, experience, and just the time that I spent away.

Singersroom: So now that your back, what are your plans for the next few months?

Sunshine Anderson: Radio, we’re on a promo tour. Just working this record; possible touring opportunities with Anthony Hamilton.

Singersroom: With all the challenges and growth you experienced in the last few years, what should your fans be expecting on this album?

Sunshine Anderson: Fans should expect good music. Feel good music in general. —— By: Interview By Wande Davies


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