Have you met your favorite jeans?

Much like your favorite music, book, or hobby, your favorite jeans are a unique expression and reflection of your individual style.

Armed with the need to feel sexy, the money from the cookie jar and a goal to be Mr. or Ms. Damn!!!, you brace yourself for a vigorous day of department store shopping. After rummaging your way through the haze of skimpy underwear, you finally fight your way to the jeans section, spluttering and tripping, only to run into the skinniest, most attractive, incredibly well proportioned supermodel shop assistant they could possibly muster to make you feel just that little bit more homicidal than you already did.

You do not want help from this girl. You want to force feed her a Big Mac maybe, but you don’t want help from her.

After trying on 13 pairs, you finally find a pair that fits and a heaven of relief comes over you. Bells ring. A party starts inside your head. Your hormones calm. The urge to kill diminishes.

Upon checking the price tag you realize that you will have to starve for a week if you buy these jeans. You also know that you pillaged all day to find these jeans, so you grit your teeth, pulled out a hand full of crumpled dollar bills, slap it on the counter and storm out the store.

On another note, The hardest thing about finding the perfect pair of jeans is the day when you realize your favorite jeans is too small or it has more holes than denim. As if saying goodbye to them isn’t hard enough, then comes the arduous task of buying a new pair. Nothing spells homicide like a dire need for new jeans and an iron will to not leave the store until you have the perfect pair.

Do you have a favorite pair of Jeans? Have you ever ruined them? Please share your experiences. —— By: Gary Gentles


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