26 04, 2019

Music: Shae Jacobs – ‘What’s Hard To Say’ EP

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Singer/songwriter Shae Jacobs just put out his debut EP, What’s Hard To Say. A six-track project, Jacob’s debut EP is supposed to be the musical version of a comprehensive personal diary, with stories of love and loss from the male perspective. This body of work is truly an introspective look into male emotions using pop/R&B vocals as the medium to [More]

25 01, 2019

PREMIERE: Singer/Songwriter Shae Jacobs Drops New Single ‘Not Supposed To’

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British-born and bred R&B singer Shae Jacobs looks to baptize us with his vocals! His new track, "Not Supposed To," is one of the most relatable songs we’ve heard in our lives! It’s a beautifully written ballad in which Shae describes his feelings of wanting to reconnect with a past love even though he’s...not supposed to. “Not Supposed To” embodies [More]