12 01, 2019

More Police Trouble For R. Kelly After Call to His Trump Tower Apartment

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If you need the police, just mention R. Kelly's name and they will come blazing (We're not advising you to do that though). On Friday, police raced to the disgraced R&B singer's apartment after an anonymous caller claimed he was holding two women hostage. According to TMZ, the Cook County State Attorney’s Office received a tip that Kelly was at his Trump Tower [More]

12 01, 2019

Christina Aguilera Shares Support For Lady Gaga; R. Kelly’s Lawyer Slams Gaga As An Oscar Chaser

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Pop superstar Lady Gaga recently declared her support for the women accusing R. Kelly of sexual abusive, many of whom had spoken out on the 'Surviving R. Kelly' docuseries. In her lengthy apology, the singer/actress branded the accusations "absolutely horrifying and indefensible." To coincide with her stance, Gaga removed her 2013 R. Kelly collaboration "Do What U Want" from popular download and streaming services and [More]

11 01, 2019

R. Kelly’s Daughter Fights Through The Pain in Apology; Calls Him a ‘Monster’

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In 2008, R. Kelly was acquitted on 21 counts of making child pornography after a video surfaced that allegedly showed him engaging in sexual acts with a 14-year-old. Following the long, drawn-out case, Andrea Kelly, who Kelly divorced in 2009 after marrying in 1996, said the case haunted the kids, Joann (Born in 1998), Jay, named Jaya (born in 2000); and Robert [More]

10 01, 2019

R. Kelly Accuser Lisa Van Allen Readies Tell-All Book

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Lisa Van Allen is one of several women who spoke out against R. Kelly in Lifetime's documentary, "Surviving R. Kelly," and now she's looking to cash in on what she really knows. The mother of three and entrepreneur has announced the new book Surviving "The Pied Piper," which aims to provide more details about R. Kelly's actions "before and after the [More]

9 01, 2019

John Legend and Omarion on The Defense Over R. Kelly, But Should They Be?

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In the wake of "Surviving R. Kelly' and the injection of social media pressures, more artists are coming under attack from keyboard clicking followers about their past or current actions. On Monday, a user shared an old photo of John Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen posing with Harvey Weinstein and asked why Legend was happy to denounce R. Kelly [More]

9 01, 2019

R. Kelly’s Attorney Slams ‘Surviving R. Kelly’; Says it’s Being Used to “Fill Reality TV Time”

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R. Kelly’s attorney says the abuse allegations made against him in the 'Surviving R. Kelly' documentary are false and has suggested the subjects are defaming his client for personal gain. In a phone interview With Billboard, Kelly's Chicago attorney Steve Greenberg dismissed the claims, calling them "another round of stories" being used to "fill reality TV time." On Tuesday, Cook County [More]

8 01, 2019

Atlanta & Chicago DAs Looking to Launch Investigations Against R. Kelly + Artists Speak Out

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R. Kelly could find himself in a courtroom again for sex allegations charges if his accusers have their way. According to new reports, the controversial R&B may face an investigation in Georgia because of the Lifetime documentary, 'Surviving R. Kelly.' The series chronicled the singer's allegations of abuse, predatory behavior, and pedophilia. Attorney Gerald Griggs, who represents the family of Joycelyn Savage, says [More]

7 01, 2019

Sparkle Makes a Stand Against Abusers on New Single, ‘We Are Ready’

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R&B singer Stephanie 'Sparkle' Edwards is taking full advantage of her platform following the airing of the three-part Lifetime documentary, 'Surviving R. Kelly.' The one-time R. Kelly protégé releases the new single, "We Are Ready," a female empowerment anthem that not only tackles the current R. Kelly drama, she also touches on cultural movements like Time's Up. "We have a voice, and it's loud," Sparkle emotionally declares on [More]

7 01, 2019

Lets Not Forget That R. Kelly Has Kids

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As we continue to condemn R. Kelly for his pedophilia behavior, noted in Surviving R. Kelly, let's not forget one important matter, he has children. It's crucial that we protect these women and young black girls in general, but we must also be mindful and shield his children from more pain. After all, they didn't ask for this. Lifetime's docu-series [More]

6 01, 2019

Chance The Rapper Says He “Made a Mistake” Working With R. Kelly + Apologizes to Women

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Chicago hip hop star Chance the Rapper, real name Chancelor Jonathan Bennett, was taken aback by the Lifetime three-part docu-series, Surviving R. Kelly, and now he regrets working with the controversial R&B legend. To highlight some of their collaborative history, In 2014, Chance brought R. Kelly out as a surprise guest during his Lollapalooza set, telling eventgoers, "Make some noise for the Pied Piper of R&B." The following [More]

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