R. Kelly Accuser Lisa Van Allen Readies Tell-All Book

Lisa Van Allen is one of several women who spoke out against R. Kelly in Lifetime’s documentary, “Surviving R. Kelly,” and now she’s looking to cash in on what she really knows.

The mother of three and entrepreneur has announced the new book Surviving “The Pied Piper,” which aims to provide more details about R. Kelly’s actions “before and after the trial.”

In the docuseries, Van Allen spoke about meeting R. Kelly in Georgia when she was 17 and eventually began a sexual relationship with the singer.

“Pretty early on he kind of introduced you to everything he was into. I was instructed to call him ‘Daddy’ during sex, but it went from that to pretty much all the time he’d be ‘Daddy,'” said Lisa Van Allen, who in 2008 became one of the first women to speak out against Kelly’s abuse.

Van Allen first had concerns about her relationship with Kelly when the singer restricted her access to family members, acting as a go-between for phone calls between Van Allen and her mother. Kelly’s authority then extended to the bedroom.

“The first time Robert [Kelly] had me do sexual acts with him and another female, he actually told me it was going to be his first time and he wanted to do it with me,” Van Allen said in Surviving R. Kelly. “He would say things like ‘If you love me, you won’t try to change me. If you love me, you’d accept me how I am. If you love me, you’ll do these things for me.’ Those would be his little pep talks he’d give me.”

She added, “Robert would film our sex acts sometimes. He would never ask me if it was OK to be filmed, but he never hid the camera or anything like that.”

She also claimed that R. Kelly would get physically abusive at times.

As far as the book goes, it looks like Van Allen may have some tea to sell. During a recent appearance on New York’s The Breakfast Club, she claimed Kelly liked to receive penetration himself. When asked by DJ Envy if Kelly was into young boys, Van Allen replied, “I can’t speak for him actually messing with young boys, but I will say that there has been times he wanted penetration himself. It was from a female but still.”

R. Kelly is reportedly currently under federal investigation as a direct result of the allegation revealed in the Surviving R. Kelly documentary.

Visit Lisa Van Allen’s website for more about her tell-all book.


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