14 01, 2014

Kelly Price To Present at The Stellar Awards

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Former "R&B Divas LA" star Kelly Price will make a special appearance at this year's anticipated Stellar Awards. Taking place in Nashville Saturday, the annual event will celebrate the past year in Gospel and inspirational music with performances from Donald Lawrence, Erica Campbell, Vashawn Mitchell and more.

4 09, 2013

Kelly Price: What You See Is Outtakes Put Together on R&B Divas

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Kelly Price says producers had a lot of fun editing things together behind the scenes on "R&B Divas LA." In a recent interview, the "Friend of Mine" singer alleges that producers kept cameras rolling when the cast thought they weren't rolling and actually used that footage and edited it in where they saw fit.

3 09, 2013

Kelly Price Admits ‘Putting On Drama With Fred’ For R&B Divas LA Producers

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Kelly Price may not be a fan of the producers behind TV One's hit series, "R&B Divas LA," but she did agree to create drama in a ploy to make the show more interesting.

1 09, 2013

Kelly Price To R&B Divas Producers: ‘You’re Trying To Depict Me As A Crazy Bully’

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Kelly Price may appear one way on season one of TV One's "R&B Divas LA," but she says what viewers have seen didn't go down the way it looks. In fact, she says the producers and some of the fellow divas are "irresponsible" for trying to make her look like a crazed bully.

28 08, 2013

Kelly Price On R&B Divas LA: ‘People Have Seen My Emotions At Extremes’

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Did we get the wrong idea about Kelly Price from season one of "R&B Divas LA"? Did people jump to conclusions and get too involved after seeing Kelly cut up with Fred or claim that her boots, Vaseline and a straight edge were props? According to Kelly Price, a lot of people became way too involved with a television show.

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