Kelly Price On R&B Divas LA: ‘People Have Seen My Emotions At Extremes’

Did we get the wrong idea about Kelly Price from season one of "R&B Divas LA"? Did people jump to conclusions and get too involved after seeing Kelly cut up with Fred or claim that her boots, Vaseline and a straight edge were props? According to Kelly Price, a lot of people became way too involved with a television show.

"Those are temperamental people who got really too involved, I think, in television. My fans are the people who held me accountable," Price says in a teaser for a soon-to-be-released interview with, where she admits that many hurtful things were said to her via Twitter and other social media platforms during the course of "R&B Divas LA."

While Kelly Price appreciates the fans that held her accountable, she believes that what people saw was her emotion at extremes following "things that have happened" behind the scenes.

"What people have seen is my emotion at extremes. These are things that have happened that other people may not want to say they happened. I don't have a problem saying they happened because they did," Price says in video below, before addressing her number one argument — that she's booked and "it (the monologues) don't have to happen"….

"All of the ladies have bookings throughout the season and they became issues with shooting at some point with everyone," Kelly Price claims.