Kelly Price Admits ‘Putting On Drama With Fred’ For R&B Divas LA Producers

Kelly Price may not be a fan of the producers behind TV One's hit series, "R&B Divas LA," but she did agree to create drama in a ploy to make the show more interesting.

"In the instance of Fred. I did say yes to giving him a problem on camera," Price admitted in a recent interview with

As seen on the show, Kelly gave Fred, a producer, more than a problem. She blatantly disrespected him and the conversations that were had about him, playing as if she didn't know who he was.

According to the "Mirror Mirror" and "You Should've Told Me" singer, the entire incident with Fred was sort of a "put on" for the cameras and she owns what she did, even though she has cried foul over producers using other things that she said, like 'I got some Vaseline, Timberland boots and a straight edge…'

"I still own what I did. Nobody forced me to do it, they did ask. I said yes. My thing was I didn’t want to fight with the ladies. But if you need some conflict, you need some drama I can have some drama with somebody that’s not gonna be here…Some of my frustration was real. When you see me scream ‘I’m too great for this…’ I’m not talking to any of the ladies. I’m in it with production," Price says in video below. "You’re treating me like garbage. And i don’t need to come here, to be treated like garbage."

Randomness: It's good that Kelly is speaking out, but is it too late? Should she have addressed these issues weeks ago (and on multiple platforms)?