Kelly Price To R&B Divas Producers: ‘You’re Trying To Depict Me As A Crazy Bully’

Kelly Price may appear one way on season one of TV One's "R&B Divas LA," but she says what viewers have seen didn't go down the way it looks. In fact, she says the producers and some of the fellow divas are "irresponsible" for trying to make her look like a crazed bully.

"You're saying I couldn't have my way so I was going to cut somebody over it," Price alleged in part one of an interview with released late last week.

According to Kelly Price, not only was the comment that she had a straight edge, Vaseline and some Timberland boots taken out of context, it was blown up for the sake of getting people to watch the show.

"I was the only girl in rehearsal with props that day," Price alleges in video below, claiming that Chante Moore didn't feel threatened by talking about what she had in her bag until "someone" called her after they had filmed for the day and said "you know that was meant for you." After that call, she was told to meet with Chante and Lil Mo at a restaurant and that is when the "Vaseline, Timberland Boots and Straight Edge" was first addressed as being threatening. Later, Kelly says she saw the trailer for the season and immediately called production.

"After the trailer came out. I was disgusted. I reached out to production. I asked them like what the heck is going on? Y'all can't put this out there like I threatened her with a knife and you've taken the Vaseline and Timberland's out of context. I was told 'It's just the trailer. We gotta make the trailer hot so people will wanna watch the show. Trust the process.'"

According to Kelly Price, trusting the process has turned into her looking like a crazed, fight ready bully instead of the person she really is.

"You're trying to depict me as somebody who is crazy. Somebody that likes to fight and somebody that bullies other people and that's not cool," Price added after saying there is no reason for her to be physically fighting at 40 years old. "I did fight as a kid. That was a survival mechanism. I don't need to fight at 40 years old. I don't live in the projects anymore… Ask any person that lives in the hood. They don't announce they are going to beat somebody up. They do it."