12 09, 2016

KeKe Palmer Uses ‘Reverse Psychology’ In Her New Video

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Even with all the projects KeKe Palmer has on her plate, she's still readying her Island Records debut. After the good reception from her single "I Don’t Belong To You," she drops her video for "Reverse Psychology," a song and video about flipping the script on her dude.

8 09, 2016

Keke Palmer Sizzles for VULKAN Magazine

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Work it, KeKe! Multi-faceted entertainer KeKe Palmer took sizzling photos and chatted with Canadian fashion publication Vulkan about upcoming projects including the second season of Scream Queens, her upcoming movie titled Pimp, her charitable causes,  90s fashion and much more. About Scream Queens, Palmer says of her character Zayday,  "Zayday is doing a lot of searching this year, not just in terms of the mystery of the show, but [Read More]

6 07, 2016

KeKe Palmer Documents Her Busy Life In ‘Many Things’ Video

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KeKe Palmer drops another song (assumed to be from her upcoming Island Records debut album) called "Many Things," a reflective song about the continuous strive for success we all can relate to.

28 06, 2016

Come Listen! KeKe Palmer Uncovers Unreleased Album, ‘Waited To Exhale’

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As fans await her Island Records album, KeKe Palmer dusts off the vault and unleashes some unreleased music! Titled "Waited To Exhale," the album was recorded in 2010 when she was just 16 years old, but she named the collection of songs recently as a testament of how far she's come.

14 06, 2016

KeKe Palmer Slays In ‘Yellow Lights’ Video, Explains ‘Queen of Kush’ Tattoo

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The video, though, is what really has people talking! Following her last dance video, once again KeKe shows she can deliver some hard-hitting choreography, not to mention she's serving up a major dose of slayage! In other KeKe news, the singer shared a new tattoo over the weekend...

9 06, 2016

KeKe Palmer Rips Some Dope Choreography To Desiigner’s ‘Panda’ and ‘Drake’s ‘Controlla’

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In the first half, Keke and male dancers perform hard-hitting choreo in a mechanic shop, Keke wearing a Panda-like tank top and overalls. The clip then shifts to the beach for a chill display of twerky choreography. Watch KeKe usher in the summer heat.

19 05, 2016

Mary J. Blige Interviews KeKe Palmer, Talks New Book, Getting Her Start As a Child Actress, More

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Over the weekend, Mary J. Blige interviewed KeKe Palmer on her Apple Music/Beats 1 radio show “Real Talk” where KeKe dished on not conforming to labels and getting started in the business.

4 04, 2016

KeKe Palmer Preps Memoir, Posts Excerpt On Website

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Keke Palmer is only 22-years-old, but she’s already lived an extraordinary life as a child actress, so she’s acquired a healthy amount of wisdom in her young life. That’s why she’s prepping a memoir titled I Don’t Belong to You: Quiet the Noise and Find Your Voice for release in October 2016.

8 03, 2016

KeKe Palmer Releases Action-Packed Video For ‘Enemiez’

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The video is somewhat of a Romeo and Juliet saga: Keke is in love with the leader of another gang, but she's pressured by her squad to go after him. Will she succumb to the pressure?

3 03, 2016

Are KeKe Palmer & Jeremih Lovers Or ‘Enemiez’?

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Jeremih is certainly making his rounds on the feature tip. Following his appearance on Kat Deluna's "What A Night," he appears on KeKe Palmer's new single “Enemiez," which is a tad more upbeat than her previous single "I Don't Belong To You," but the sexy is still there. On the danceable tune, Keke prefers to be enemies because as they [Read More]

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