KeKe Palmer Slays In ‘Yellow Lights’ Video, Explains ‘Queen of Kush’ Tattoo

Last night, Twitter was buzzing with the release of KeKe Palmer’s visual for “Yellow Lights,” her newest single. The slow jam sees the signer craving some intense loving.

“That’s why I like you / I don’t have to show you what to do,” she sings on the chorus.

The video, though, is what really has people talking! Following her last dance video, once again KeKe shows she can deliver some hard-hitting choreography, not to mention she’s serving up a major dose of slayage! Set in a forest, KeKe rocks some strappy gear and sits upon a throne of sorts while masked male dancers in all black and female dancers dressed in white back her up for an intriguing visual.

Listen to the entire song below!



In other KeKe news, the singer shared a new tattoo over the weekend. The words “Queen of Kush” is tatted on the back of her neck along with pyramids. Some misconstrued “Kush” to mean marijuana, but KeKe gave those who didn’t know a quick history lesson.


KeKe is on her grind!