23 11, 2016

Trombonist Jeff Bradshaw Faces Major Health Challenges; Launches GoFundMe Page (Donate HERE)

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Celebrated trombonist Jeff Bradshaw has been confronted with a devastating illness called Diverticulitis Disease. Bradshaw is hoping to raise awareness for his plight as well as funds for his growing medical costs.

26 02, 2015

[EXCLUSIVE] Trombonist Jeff Bradshaw Talks Going ‘Home’ On Live Album, Dressing Sharp, Being Humble, More

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As Trombonist, Norman “Jeff” Bradshaw has already worked with the likes of Jill Scott, Jay Z, Kirk Franklin, Earth, Wind & Fire, and more, and he continues to blend his stellar trombone-playing talents with the sweet voices of many others on his upcoming live album Home, due out March 31

29 01, 2015

Jeff Bradshaw – All Time Love Ft. Robert Glasper, Eric Roberson & Tweet

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In the clip, Roberson and Tweet serenade each other in an intimate gathering while Bradshaw (trumpet) and Glasper (keys) set the musical landscape.

16 06, 2012

Jeff Bradshaw Joins Jill Scott’s Summer Black Party Tour

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Jeff Bradshaw, a former member of Jill Scott's Fatback Taffy band, will join her Summer Block Party tour as a featured act. Bradshaw, known as "Mr. Trombone," will perform records from his new solo album 'Bone Appétit, Vol. 1 (Main Course).'

24 04, 2012

NEW RELEASES: Conya Doss, Quantic & Alice Russell, Jeff Bradshaw, Yuna, Ava Bella

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This week, a set of new albums offering a diverse range of music from soul to Latin-inspired 70's grooves to smooth jazz hit stores.

2 04, 2012

Jeff Bradshaw – Umi Says Feat. Fatin of Kindred the Family Soul

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Trombonist Jeff Bradshaw and Fatin of Kindred the Family Soul deconstruct Mos Def's smooth record "Umi Says." If you don't know by now, "umi" is an Arabic term for mother.