7 06, 2012

Erykah Badu Tells Wayne Coyne to “Kiss Her Glittery Ass” For Releasing Naked Video

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In the visuals, which saw Badu covering “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face,” a classic made famous by Roberta Flack, she is seen naked in a tub, while her sister is shown in the more provocative takes, which includes close-up shots of naked body parts covered in glitter, milk and red stuff that resembles blood.

28 02, 2012

Erykah Badu Banned From Malaysian Concert After Making Trip

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Erykah Badu joins the lengthy list of entertainers banned from performing in Malaysia this week. According to Malaysian information minister Rais Yatim, Badu will not be allowed to perform in the area due to "religious sensitivities."

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