Erykah Badu Banned From Malaysian Concert After Making Trip

Erykah Badu joins the lengthy list of entertainers banned from performing in Malaysia this week. According to Malaysian information minister Rais Yatim, Badu will not be allowed to perform in the area due to “religious sensitivities.”

Elaborating further, Yatim cited a promotional image, used in the past, showcasing Badu tatooed with the Arabic word “Allah” on her body. That was enough for Yatim to apparently say she is failing to follow inline with “Malaysian cultural values” and her performance would result in a “bigger problem” for locals.

Badu had actually arrived in Malaysia and was due to perform in Kuala Lumpur when officials canceled her show.

She ended up tweeting about the incident, saying “Malaysia !! I deserve it.”

In 2009, both Beyonce and Rihanna faced similar issues with Malaysian officials however, they were not actually in Malaysia ready to perform when leaders spoke out against them performing.