Erykah Badu Looking to Drop Two Albums in 2012

Even though she has been given the moniker “Queen of Neo-Soul,” Erykah Badu’s artistic expression has no borders.

One of the “Window Seat” singer’s latest ambition is her participation in superband, The Cannabinoids. The group is comprised of musicians and producers from her hometown of Dallas, TX including Picnictyme (A.Dd+’s When Pigs Fly), S1 (Kanye West’s “Power”), long-time Badu collaborators Jah Born and Rob Free, DJs A1 and Big Texas, drummer Cleon Edwards and band director/maestro R.C. Williams.

Though Badu has often played with the band, the forthcoming project will be their first major release as a group. The collaboration will feature a grittier, more Hip Hop and funk groove, and less neo-soul vibes.

In addition the Cannabinoids album, Erykah is back in the studio recording material for a new solo project.

“I give myself room to breathe and grow and to procrastinate but to finish those projects is my next successful moment that I am seeking,” said Erykah.

She continued: “I am working really hard his year. I don’t have much time to write but I can do it.”