8 11, 2019

Abisha Supports New Single ‘Real Life’ With Feel-Good Visual

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UK Electronic-R&B-Pop singer/songwriter Abisha supports her recently released single, "Real Life," with an accompanying music video. In the clip, the vocal beauty shows off her flaws as she gets front and center with the camera in a photoshoot styled setting. "Real Life" features a fusion of pop sounds and soulful vocals; the track highlights the newcomer's undeniable talent as she makes [More]

1 11, 2019

Abisha Shows Her Strength on New Single, ‘Real Life’

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After making a lot of noise in the UK, electronic-R&B-pop singer/songwriter Abisha makes her first move stateside with the new single, "Real Life." Featuring a fusion of pop sounds and soulful vocals, the track highlights the newcomer's undeniable talent, making her highly listenable. "Real Life" will be the first single from Abisha's upcoming EP, Scorpio, due out in 2020.  [More]

30 11, 2017

ABISHA – All That

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British alt-R&B singer-songwriter ABISHA reflects on the demise of a past relationship on her latest release, "All That." In the accompanying dimly-lit video, the budding songstress gets up close to the camera lens as she delivers the painstaking lyrics about moving on. "The video for 'All That' is like a huge visual metaphor of the song, that's why I love it," [More]