Abisha Supports New Single ‘Real Life’ With Feel-Good Visual

UK Electronic-R&B-Pop singer/songwriter Abisha supports her recently released single, “Real Life,” with an accompanying music video. In the clip, the vocal beauty shows off her flaws as she gets front and center with the camera in a photoshoot styled setting.

“Real Life” features a fusion of pop sounds and soulful vocals; the track highlights the newcomer’s undeniable talent as she makes her first move stateside.

“‘Real Life’ is about someone that you love feeling absent and you’re not sure why,” Abisha states about the song. “It’s sort of a metaphor because they might physically be there but it still feels like they’re not really present. So by saying ‘nobody else’s, maybe I’m selfish’ it’s kind of saying ‘I want you to myself’ but really it means ‘I just want you to be back and feel like you’re really here in this moment with me, not just physically but your mind too.’ Lyrics throughout such as ‘I need you in real time’ reflect this because it’s describing the feeling of how there’s no real concept of time when you’re with someone you love. It feels like time stands still but goes too fast.”

“Real Life” will be the first single from Abisha’s upcoming EP, Scorpio, due out in 2020.

ABISHA’s got an unmistakable look and energy but it’s her down to earth elegance that makes her relatable. Finally finding comfort in her own skin, she’s opened up about the racism she’s faced, insecurities she’s dealt with due to the color of her skin and her sexuality while growing up in a majorly all-white small town in the UK. But ABISHA doesn’t make music just for the LGBTQIA+ community, straying from using pronouns (though her girlfriend was featured in her “Confused” video), she makes sure no one is left out of the picture so listeners of all kinds can create their own story and take away their own message from it.


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