Kim Kardashian Who! 6 Big Booty Celebrities Who Can Also “Break The Internet”

Kim Kardashian West has the internet shaking after revealing her bare buttocks for the winter 2014 cover of Paper Magazine. In the Image, a naked Kim K shows off her ASSet while being covered in oil — the caption reads: “Break the Internet.”

"And they say I didn't have a talent…try balancing a champagne glass on your ass LOL #BreakTheInternet," Kim tweeted about the second cover, which sees her in a black beaded evening gown recreating photographer Jean-Paul Goude's famous "Champagne Incident" portrait, in which a naked model, posing from the side, balances a glass on her butt and sends a stream of champagne flying over her head and into the glass from the uncorked bottle in her hands.

The female body has always been viewed as an object of beauty, and in the last decade, women have been taking full advantage of their voluptuous figures to gain commercial success. Media outlets, like fashion magazines and television, used to control what beautiful should look like, but with the power of social media today, people are slowly changing this uniformed way of thinking. For many years, thin women have been considered beautiful, but with Hip Hop culture taking root in the media, we are diversifying what beauty really is. In this case, we are showing our appreciation for the beauty of the big butt aka booty, badonkadonk, wagon…whatever you want to call it!

Trailing Kim Kardashian, here are seven women whom also have amazing “assets”. Remember, we are celebrating the beauty of this feature of the body and are not objectifying the person’s value based on a body part. It just so happens to be the focus to show what was once viewed as unattractive in mainstream media is now celebrated.

Join us in celebrating the voluptuous women!

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