Fire Nicki Minaj, Fix Ratings on ‘American Idol’?

Is Nicki Minaj to blame for American Idol's dropping viewership? Following her much talked about late entrance on Wednesday's show (which was the first live show of the season), a Washington Times writer has suggested that she is the one to blame for millions turning to other stations. Why? Because Minaj is unprofessional, late and talks too much about lady bugs, waffles and syrup, hush puppies and other stuff that has nothing to do with actual singing…

"American Idol’s” ratings are in free fall. It’s no mystery why. Minaj is largely to blame. The Fox network needs to boot her off the show and quick before even more viewers abandon “American Idol” for “The Voice” when it returns on March 25," reports Gayle Falkenthal of the Washington Times. "Minaj is too much of a distraction. She has become expendable. First she shows up late Wednesday, which is incredibly rude and disrespectful of the producers, the crew, the audience, the other judges, Ryan Seacrest, and especially the competitors."

Do you agree with Gayle Falkenthal? Is it hard to watch the show or take it seriously when Nicki is not paying as much attention to vocals as she is to wigs, skirts, shoes, make up and lady bugs?

To be fair, Nicki is interesting to watch, when you think about everyone else on the panel. While her thoughts might not apply to the actual singing all the time, she is unpredictable and that makes you want to see just what she's going to say…

Maybe I'm wrong.

Thoughts? Should "Idol" send Nicki home for good?