5 Reasons R&B Is Going Through a Renaissance

R&B music in this age of instagram, reality television, butt implants, and Strip Hop (Strip Hop is a sub-genre of Hip Hop that is heavily influenced by gentlemen clubs across the country especially in the South) has been more about the image and less about the music. If you look back to the 60s, 70s and even the 80s, musicians were defined by their artistry and musicianship not their back sides, their profiles and personal life. R&B for most of the 20th century has reigned supreme because it showcased the sound of a people that were and still are full of soul, rhythm and blues. In R&B/Soul’s infancy, the people were black and had been through a lot. R&B was genuine because it was the only outlet the people had (African Americans); they were not confined to the strict limitations of what the media considers beautiful. This created an atmosphere of impeccable music and a diverse pool of artists that had soul and knew how to give it to the people. It seems we were heading back towards the raw art of music, but sometimes it’s the image that gets in the way.

However, despite the industry and media attempt to monetize and suck every bit of soul out of music and eradicate R&B/Soul, it still lives. Not only is the heart and soul of R&B/Soul beating, it is thriving. Artists and fans alike are making a conscious effort to support and uplift this genre which has been neglected after its son Hip Hop grew up and Pop tried to kidnap all the great artists. All in all, we still stand as one R&B Nation. Call it a revolution or call it a renaissance, but just don’t call it dead. We are alive and we will never fall.

Here are a couple reasons why R&B is on its way back and experiencing a sort of renaissance/revolution.

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