Eat Up!: Singersroom's Thanksgiving Playlist

Jamie Hall Thu, Nov 22, 2012 Lifestyle, FeaturesComments
Eat Up!: Singersroom's Thanksgiving Playlist
Set the mood at your Thanksgiving dinner table with this R&B playlist. Let these tunes play as you enjoy your soulful feast.

1) Brandy - "Wildest Dreams"  - Serve up your apps to Brandy’s second single. A slight head nod wouldn’t hurt your guest.

2) Maxwell - "Love You" - Can’t go wrong with Maxwell to soothe the mind and now the palate.

3) Ari Lennox - "La La La La" - A great way to start off the main course is with some good soul music.

4) Robin Thicke - "All Tied Up" - With his pure voice, Robin Thicke  is sure the mood just right.

5) Frank Ocean - "Pink Matter" - Second plate of soul food, second helping of  soul music.

6) R. Kelly - "Share My Love" - Who else to spread a little cheer, but R.Kelly. “Share My Love”

7) John Legend - "Save Room" - This classic John track makes for a peaceful atmosphere

8) Elle Varner - "I Don’t Care" - Digest with Elle’s latest single.

9) Rihanna - "Diamonds" - Lead single from “Unapologetic”, Diamonds loosens up the atmosphere and gets everyone prepared for dessert.

10) Miguel - "Where’s The Fun In Forever" - As you past you’re the sweet potato pie around, Miguel’s track is a great way to end dinner.

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