Geron releases soulful new single “Wine for Me”

Listen to “Wine with Me”

Geron’s new single “Wine for Me” is a contemporary R&B infused love song which tells the story about the intimate connection between two young people on the dance floor. “Wine for Me” opens with a mellow piano instrumental and swiftly morphs into Geron’s smooth, soulful and hypnotic vocals. Geron reminds us over and over again:

“I don’t want to get used to nobody. Because I’m already used to your body”.

This sublime single captures both the soulful yearnings of young love and the familiarity of a longer relationship. “Wine for Me” is really about “is there true love for me?” The lyrics and the tempo create the melody which draws the lovers closer and closer. The melody is simple yet the upbeat, energetic arrangement demonstrates both Geron’s musical influences and the classical music training she had as a child.

Geron (born Briana Johnson) is originally from Atlanta, Georgia. She grew up in a military home with her father serving in the Navy and Mom in the US Air Force. Being a child in a military household meant that Geron traveled frequently, living in many cities in the south and being exposed to a variety of musical influences – including gospel and soul. Her parents encouraged her to follow her musical dreams, which she did from a very early age.

“Wine for Me” is a logical follow up to Geron’s earlier single, “Plans” which was released in November 2018 and also features on Singer’s Room. Geron’s musical style is a sensuous blend of pop, alternative, R&B as well as Hip-Hop. Her vocal style is influenced by powerful female soul singers, such as Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera.

Geron is musically trained and she first learned to sing as a toddler, mimicking music videos her parents were watching. As early as kindergarten, she started to learn piano – delivering her first piano recital only a year later. At the tender age of nine, Geron became a soloist in her church choir. This was followed by formal voice lessons and classical voice training. Following high school, Geron attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and from there, she started her career in TV, film and music.

Listen to “Wine with Me”.


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