Josh Waters – “Meet N Greet” Single Review

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Sound like a cross between Usher and Justin Timberlake, Josh Waters’s single Meet N Greet has him sounding like a bonafide R&B pop star if there ever was one. Double-time phrasing to break up the sound of the flow of the groove and add that needed extra bounce in the right places is an R&B vocal style made popular in the male side of the genre by artists such as Usher, who perfected this style from his very debut. It’s a style that can be best heard on his singles like You’ve Got It Bad and is now being modernized and reintroduced by the likes of Josh Waters.

Additionally, when Waters is singing fully forward in his vocal, his tone is reminiscent of Usher, paired with a falsetto more reminiscent of Timberlake’s pop rifts which he sometimes brought to an R&B song – hence the comparison to these late 90s and early to mid-2000s R&B and pop stars. The single has great R&B and Hip Hop Top-40 appeal and can possibly have some more mainstream crossover appeal if supported properly at radio and through streaming. Finally, Meet N Greet as the title track from Waters’ debut album, piques our interest as far as hearing the rest of the album is concerned. If this single is anything to go by, there are great things in store.

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