Video: Keke Palmer – Better To Have Loved

Singer and actress Keke Palmer welcomed Valentine’s day 2019 by releasing an intimate music video for her latest single, “Better to Have Loved.”

On the melodic ballad, Palmer delivers soulful vocals as she expresses the value of a special bond and perks of having experienced love.

In the supporting visual, she gets up close and personal with the camera. She also strips down and connects body to body with her supporting man.

“I wanted to drop the visuals to this song on a special day because it’s a special song! One of the truest to me because love is imperfect, which we often aren’t told as we discover what it means to US,” states Palmer. “It’s an individual experience that we can’t look outside ourselves to validate. It’s never a waste of time no matter how long you decide to be in it or outside of it. Forever is not always “the happy ending” because love is about teaching you and challenging YOU in life and that’s a never ending journey. So whether you go on that journey with the same person for 20yrs or a different person throughout the years, if you allowed yourself to let go enough to feel something… it was meaningful! Everything is meaningful no matter where it ends up, so if you’re going to have experiences with people and give time to situations, why NOT let go enough to learn from it? You have nothing to lose.”

Produced by Tasha’ Catour, “Better To Have Loved” is the latest release off Keke’s independent label, Big Bosses Entertainment.

Watch the sensual video below:


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