EXCLUSIVE: Sammie Talks Upcoming Project, Being Excluded From ‘The Millennial Tour,’ More

Singersroom had the pleasure of meeting up with R&B heartthrob Sammie this week to discuss his upcoming project and why he isn’t apart of the upcoming “Millennial Tour.”

During our sit down, Sammie told us that fans can expect transparency, honesty, and passion on his forthcoming project. He said that he’s always prided himself on being transparent, “because someone out there needs that type of person to look up to and listen to through their speakers.” He later added that he feels that he owes it to his fans to be “unapologetically human” through his music.

The title of the new project hasn’t been revealed just yet, but Sammie says that it’s being mastered and mixed as we speak! Something tells us you can keep your eyes peeled for an announcement around Valentine’s Day. Apparently, this new album includes some insight and perspective into Sammie’s past relationships, but most of all, he is just really focused on curating an R&B experience that will set him apart from other artists. “Everyone sounds like robots these days and the last time I checked robots don’t have feelings,” Sammie tells SingersRoom. “I wanted to make sure they can hear me and feel me.”


Now, as far as Sammie’s absence from the upcoming Millennial Tour, Rachel Jackson, Director of A&R at Roc Nation, expressed to Sammie how confusing it was that he wasn’t apart of the show. Considering his impact on R&B and his chart success at the time, how could Sammie not be included? “I don’t understand it, but I can assure you that [in] 1999, there was no heartthrob, there was no young kid doing what I did. It wasn’t even like I just dropped in and made a little buzz. I shook up the world.” Sammie went on to pull receipts that thanks to his hit single “I Like It,” he’s the youngest person to have a #1 record on Billboard since Stevie Wonder. The song was certified gold when Sammie was 12 and certified platinum at 13.

Later on, Sammie alluded to there possibly being a person (or people) who is participating in The Millennial Tour that may feel some type of way about the success he’s had in recent years thus, no tour invite. Sammie does know that his name came up in a convo, though!


For our chat, Sammie met up with us at Atlanta’s newest landmark, Slutty Vegan, and let’s just say that the restaurant’s fans made it a little challenging to get this interview done! You see, after serving their vegan burgers via the “Slut Mobile” for three years, Slutty Vegan finally opened a brick and mortar restaurant earlier this month and it has literally taken the City of Atlanta by storm!

It is owned by a black woman named Pinky Cole and she has managed to unite meat lovers and plant lovers in the name of great food! Slutty Vegan wasn’t supposed to open until four hours after our interview was over, but that didn’t stop customers from trying to get their hands on one of these burgers. While it did take us a little longer than expected to get our interview done, we were filled with so much pride for our sister to have this type of hype (that she can back up) around her business.

If you’re ever in Atlanta, be sure to stop by and try the One Night Stand! It’s Slutty Vegan’s best seller!

Check out our exclusive chat with Sammie.

Interviewer: Rachel Jackson, A&R, Roc Nation
Video: Boogz
Photo: Blair Devereaux Pheauxtography, @PBD
Location: Slutty Vegan


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