Entertainmnet Personality Byron BT Turner

Exclusive: Personality Byron ‘BT’ Turner Talks Loving R&B While in a Hip Hop Dominated Field

In the Entertainment Industry, it’s very easy to manipulate hard work on social media or simply through over exaggerated small talk. But for Byron “BT” Turner, hard work comes easy and so has the many fruits of his labor.

As a radio personality at Atlanta’s Streetz 94.5 and a regular on WeTV’s “Growing Up Hip Hop,” BT has made the most of his short three years in Black Hollywood. The Little Rock native aspired to be great and made the necessary leap in order to change his life.

Resilient describes BT’s ethic, but R&B is what clinches his soul. With an unbelievably massive Top 5 and an answer for everything that comes his way, the 20-something brand genius is truly one of a kind.

Remember: Everyone who works hard doesn’t always come from the mud, and just sometimes, loves R&B just a little more than Hip Hop.

Watch the full interview below:

BT’s Top 5 Female Artists:

Video/Photo Credit: Boogz