80’s R&B Funk Band, Ready For The World Talks Returning to The Industry, New Single, and More

Back in the 1980s, Ready For The World took the world by storm with their hit bangers, “Deep Inside Your Love,” “Oh Sheila,” “Love You Down,” and “Digital Display.”

The single “Oh, Shelia” was massive for the group as it helped them cross over into new genres and markets. The song had four #1 positions on Billboard’s R&B, Pop, Dance, and Video in one week. The single also landed in the Guinness Book of World Records, and it was certified platinum.

At the height of their success, Ready For The World were chart-topping musicians. Although the group was extremely talented, RFTW was tormented by the heartless industry after follow-up singles didn’t receive the same recognition as their previous offerings. To recuperate, the group took a long hiatus from the music business. Over the years, members of the group assumed positions as songwriters, producers, and studio engineers, while raising their families.

Now, the group is back with their single and are ready to work in 2018. They released “So Much Life,” an edgier tune and the song’s message is so powerful. RFTW will release a new album on their independent label, Ready For The World. The group continues to work on their new music with their new lead singer. They are ready to popularize their name in 2018 with their new music.

“It’s an honor to have lasted three decades in the music industry and now come full circle after such a long hiatus. It is a true blessing we each will not only make the best of; we intend to enhance the overall music experience for years to come rejuvenating the art by playing and encouraging more live instrumentation in music,” express RFTW. conversed with the Ready for the World members about their return, new projects in 2018, and their musical journey. Check it out!

Ready for the World Returning in 2018:

Willie Triplett: We started thinking about the resurgence of R&B; It has changed over the years, and people still want to hear the real and authentic music. They want to hear music with purpose and value, and that’s us. We started touring and doing shows, and it was just time for us to return to music after a long period of time.

Gordon Strozier: Prior to us returning to the music, we were victims of the trickery that goes on in the industry. The label may pick music material that doesn’t always fit well with the group. And, when the songs are released, they have moderate success or don’t do well on the charts. Then, the group has to fight with the label so they can be heard and understood. So, we stepped away from the business scandals and had our families, worked on business projects, became mentors, and still worked on music. We just didn’t want the music industry to jeopardize our friendships and reputation as artists.

New Single, “So Much Life” and Album:

Gregory Potts: I was working on the new song, “So Much Life,” all night and I started thinking of a title that will stand out to the fans. I thought about a time where we were touring, and a fan said, “Your music gives me so much life.” When I thought about it, I ran back in the studio and started working on the verses and chorus.

The song is about a man appreciating all of the beautiful things he loves about his woman. A woman does so much for her man, and it feels good to be appreciated. It just makes the man feel good because a woman can give her man life and meaning to his being. “So Much Life” is a just a catchy phrase and it was just the perfect title for the song theme. And that’s how the song just came about. A man wants a woman that he can grow with, build, love, encourage and can have a solid future. We are working in the studio, writing and recording new music. We have our new lead singer, Ray Lavendar and he is phenomenal. So, we are definitely working on an album. An album is in the works.

Former Lead Singer, Melvin Riley Leaving the Group:

Willie: Melvin was ready to go solo and left on his own.

Gordon: As we all know, at a certain point, most lead singers venture off and develop a solo career. And it starts with the lead singer being assigned to do everything. Then, the lead singer starts thinking they’re bigger than the rest of the group.

Fundamentals of Touring:

Willie: It’s such a blessing to tour all over the world and visit different countries. It’s just great that we can entertain our fans 30+ years. Music has always been a way for us to express ourselves; it’s just mind-blowing. Not too many artists can still say they’ve had that type of experience in today’s music.

The Inspiration Behind the Song, “Oh, Sheila”:

Willie: Gordon, Gerald, and Melvin wrote the song. And I believe back in the day, they were thinking about different names that will fit with the melody. Shelia was just the name that stuck out to them at the time. Many people thought the song was about Shelia E. and it wasn’t at all. Shelia was a name that Melvin came up and just started writing the lyrics.

What Music Means to Ready for the World:

Willie: To me, a musician is almost like an artist. You are painting the art when you’re recording music. You are creating every layer of the painting, from the color, design, to composition. And that’s how I feel about music because you’re in charge of the sounds, lyrics, melodies, and collaborations. I’m just thankful that we wrote music that people can still appreciate years later. We painted music that lasts for ages. We also appreciate how music is consumed in 2018 because people can stream or download our music. We just have the ability to put out music without direct orders from a record label and still be a success in music.