EXCLUSIVE: Meli’sa Morgan Talks New Album, New Single, Longevity, Relevancy, & More

From the 1980’s to the early 90’s, R&B singer Meli’sa Morgan blessed the world with her incredible voice. Her career began as a background singer for Chaka Khan and Whitney Houston and merged into mega-superstardom. She recorded the hit songs, “Do Me Baby,” “Love Changes,” “Fool’s Paradise,” and “Still in Love With You.” Morgan continues to keep her legacy alive by touring and participating in musical projects.

Morgan is looking to enhance her legacy; She released her latest recording project, Love Demands, on Cleopatra Records. It’s her first project in ten years. On the album, she recorded six new songs, including the lead single and title track, “Love Demands.” Morgan also covered songs from her favorite artists including Al Green, Aretha Franklin, The Supremes, and Otis Redding. conversed with the soulful songbird about her new project and prosperity. Check it out!

New Album, Love Demands: I released the album on July 3rd and it was a great opportunity to work with Cleopatra Records. It was the first album in 10 years and it’s a combination of R&B and pop songs. It was a nice journey for me to release an album in a time where it’s social media driven because people still want to listen to my music. I worked with Michigan producer, Brady Gasser, Gozza on the six original songs on the album. There are 12 songs on the album, including six covers.

Album Title, Love Demands: ‘Love Demands’ is a song from the album. I just like the energy of the song and that’s when I decided that it should be the title of the album. Love is very strong and demanding. Love is not easy; it takes work. It’s the album title because it’s universal and it relates to everyone.

Releasing a New Album in 2018: It was very soothing and wonderful, the album process. Cleopatra Records allowed me to record the album on my terms. By releasing this album, I am still making my mark in the music business. I didn’t want to come back with this album and complete it half-way. I had to give it all of me and still be true to myself. I can release a new album because I still believe in me, but you can’t be afraid of change and growth.

Favorite Track From the Album: My favorite cover on the album is “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart.” But, the two originals I love are “Decisions” and “No More.” We have a video for the single, “No More.” I love them all. The records are like babies; you’ll love them all in a special way. Each child will make you feel a certain way and that’s how I feel about the songs.

Favorite Song to Perform While Touring: I would have to say “Fool’s Paradise,” because I get a chance to see the crowd’s reaction when I’m performing that song. The crowd just let go and feel good all over. Then, since Prince’s passing, it’s more magical when I sing, “Do Me Baby.” I feel like I’m connecting more and more with my fans and Prince’s fans. It’s a Prince song but his presence is felt even more when I play that song. I’m just blessed that I can touch people while I’m on the road. I’m very appreciative and blessed.

Remaining Relevant in 2018: To me, R&B lost its way for 15 years because hip-hop dominated the scene. Yes, R&B was around but it was all about hip-hop at the time. My sound wasn’t connected at that time. It was just a whole new energy in the streets. But, I thank God I co-wrote all of my songs from earlier years. I still get a check for those songs and have access to my publishing rights. It’s a blessing and I just hustled over the years. I started a new company and the late Whitney Houston encouraged me to go in this direction. She said get your own company. I am managing my own bookings with the company or go out on the road. I can work out deals because as an artist, I know my worth. This is possible because I have people in my life who are loyal and genuine. Everything is coming to fruition. I have an umbrella of projects because I own my stuff; that’s how you sustain in this business.

Defining the Word Legend: To me, a legend is someone who serves greatly with what they’ve been giving. I think my story, history, music, and contributions make me a legend.