Miss Eaves Gives No F*cks On ‘ME AF’ EP

Miss Eaves is the feminist sound storm/stage name of Brooklyn based-multimedia artist Shanthony Exum known for her brazen flows about self-love, sexuality, haters, and blows against the patriarchy. She’s back with a new five-track EP titled ‘Me AF’ to rile all the haters.

Overall, the project is an ode to giving no f*cks and the freedom of being yourself despite what society thinks. The first track ‘Paper Mache (Single AF) ‘ celebrates the single life: “I’m alone, I love myself / So alone, it’s fun as hell,” she resounds on the hook. “Weird AF” features a robotic beat as Miss Eaves champions being off the cuff. “Everybody here, put your hands up if you are a little weird / We have no fear, rebels put your hands in the air,” she flows on the hook. The freedom from societal constraints continues on “Bush For the Push” which finds the femcee flowing about being natural “down there.”

Stream Miss Eaves’ brazen EP below:


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