DAWN Wants The D on New Song, “So Good”

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It’s a new musical dawn for DAWN.

With a new red hairdo, comes a new era of music for the artist. Earlier this week, Dawn dropped a song called “Oh Lord,” and she’s already back with another one called “So Good”…she’s cranking them out!

“So Good” is a lustful offering which finds Dawn feenin’ for some good “D,” however, that “D” is unfortunately attached to a man with “f*ckboy” tendencies, therefore causing herself inner conflict…certainly a relatable issue facing many right now.

“You should go to hell” she opens the song, clearly tired of his games, but makes it clear later on “This ain’t about love / This ain’t about trust / It’s just about the f**k,” she sings.

As for her upcoming album, she recently replied to a fan on Twitter, stating “it sound[s] like new orleans.”

Stream Dawn’s latest offering below: