Samaria Returns With New Single and Video, ‘Foolish’

Samaria is problematic and getting herself together in the new single, “Foolish.”

Written and co-directed by the Bay Area-native, Samaria effortlessly sails over the Sparse and Stark production. Both haunting and hypnotizing, the melodic expression marries perfectly with the elusive, compact visual experience. The intricate intercutting effects and lonely vignettes of a burning rose and washed-out landscapes keep viewers focused on the soft croon and less of the mess she’s made with herself. The contrast is unique and stimulating; it’s a new way to experience R&B, visually.

“I have this complicated side of me that has a hard time letting those that love me get through to me,” Samaria expressed. “On the other hand, there’s this vulnerable part of me that longs to reserve my innocence but I’m continuously getting into situations that could have been avoided by listening and taking advice in the first place. It’s annoying and a constant battle.”

In her plight for love, she’d rather run away than find a solution and constantly asks why she positions herself for hurt. She’s a self-proclaimed fighter protecting her battle from a truce, which seems to be a constant in all relationships. But much like the song’s title, she’s conflicted in love.

It feels so good, but it hurts entirely too bad. So Samaria chooses, merely, to be foolish.

Get “Foolish” here: