What A Bolt of Creativity: Jimmy Bolt Talks New Music, Fashion and Art (EXCLUSIVE)

Artists beat to the sound of their own drum, they innovate and start trends, they inspire and leave lasting impressions. In this day in age, artists are left and right but it’s not just about the sound, it’s about the full package which is wholly manifested with the dynamic new artist, Jimmy Bolt.

Having just ended his first ever promo tour, Finally Noticed, with a bang, Rappersroom had the opportunity to catch up with the emerging Bolt to discuss music, fashion and the art of it all.

RR: How was your experience on your first tour?

JB: It was interesting; I learned so much from the whole operation, from the shows to the promoters and more, so it was for sure informative.

RR: Finally Noticed started out as an EP and escalated to a 24-track album. Let’s talk about how this came about!

JB: Man, I have a lot to say. I started with 12-15 tracks and kept adding to it. We got to about 50 songs and had to begin narrowing it down. I chose my top songs that told a story, my story. Twenty-four became the magic number because I don’t like odd numbers and number 24 was always my sports number when I was younger.

RR: Jimmy, you have an interesting and distinctive style, where does your inspiration come from?

JB: From me, myself. Everything I do comes organically from me. I’m a lover of fashion; it’s all a form of art, clothes, and music.

I have always been a fan of fashion – it’s how the world knows me. It only made sense that I brought the two worlds together in preparation for this tour. For me, I wanted fans to experience the Jimmy Burner brand while enjoying the music. For me, it’s all art. The clothes, the music – it all flows. So, the merch had to match that. It was a perfect blend for me. I am excited for fans to experience our merch.


RR: What inspired the album name, Finally Noticed?

JB: It was that time; I’ve been doing this a while, and it’s about time for me to be finally noticed.

RR: What is something you want your fans / our readers to know about you and your music?

JB: My music is real; it’s heart & soul. I make music based on my moods and vibes around me. I like building relatable relationships with my fans, that’s what my music does.

RR: Okay Jimmy sum it up for us: Jimmy Burner vs. Jimmy Bolt…

JB: It’s simple! So Burner is my twin brother, he’s laid back, and Bolt is another level. Bolt is the total opposite, he does what he wants and is the crazy side of Burner.

After interviewing Bolt, he was immediately back off to work in the studio as any great artist, but he is an artist who has a genuine persona and a corky cool style about him. Make sure you check out his album, Finally Noticed below because it’s about time he gets Finally Noticed!

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