EXCLUSIVE: 112 and Jagged Edge Talk Collaborative Single ‘Both Of Us,’ Members They Would Be Like, More

When amongst a room full of legends, it is an honor in itself, but when juicy details are spilled, it makes for an unforgettable experience.

Singersroom had the opportunity to get up close and personal as Jagged Edge and 112 took us behind the scenes for some truly memorable moments. During a recent promotional photo shoot, the iconic group’s members gathered about and discussed their journey as artists, who they would be if they were in the opposite group and some thought-provoking convos centered around who their top favorite artists are.

Rallying the artists together was a joy in itself with their varied personalities and wisdom about the industry, but they spilled the deets on ‘Both Of Us,’ the single the groups have together, which was quoted numerous times as a collaboration that was long overdue.

“We’ve been wanting to do this for over 20 years…we’ve always talked about it,” states 112 member Slim. “This time we gotta chance to actually put it in action. A record from both of us; big movement right their. Two of your favorite R&B groups.”

Check out our clip below to see what happened when we stepped into the shared room of Jagged Edge and 112.

Check out the BTS photos: