Elijah Blake X Jordin Sparks Remix ‘Rendezvous’

A month ago, Elijah Blake and Jordin Sparks took to social media and teased fans that a remix for “Rendezvous,” produced by TK Kayembe, was in the works.

The remix is a rendition of the original song off Blake’s underrated 2017 album, Audiology. The slow jam amps a new atmosphere with the addition of Sparks melodic voice.

The soulful singers exhibit a rhythmic beat that will surely have fans in the mood. Sparks belts out she and her lover will be creeping, while others are sleeping. As sensual as it is, Sparks doesn’t stop there, she talks about how she plans to pleasure her lover. She goes on singing, “I got a present for you, how you gon’ pay it forward?” Hot and spicy to say the least!

Sparks is currently expecting her first child with her newlywed husband Dana Isaiah as released last Fall, and Blake is steadily pushing is album Audiology.

Via Spotify: