EXCLUSIVE: Mike11 Talks Scott Storch and Jeremih Collaboration, His Inspirations, What’s Next, More

Portuguese artist and musician Mike11 caught our attention after releasing the single and music video for “My Tata,” a record produced by Scott Storch, and is inspired by Pablo Escobar’s wife Tata in the Netflix series, “Narcos.” Drawing inspiration from legendary guitarist Carlos Santana, on the song, Mike11 showcased his undeniable musicality with vocal assistance from Jeremih.

Mike11 discovered his musical calling at the age of 10 while watching a singing talent show on television. Captivated by the sincere passion displayed in the songs and beautiful melodies, Mike sought out to become a Fado singer, but it wasn’t long before the talented musician trained and excelled in playing the Portuguese guitar.

Now, with the world at his fingers, it’s clear to see that this musician has a bright future. Check out our quick chat with Mike11 about the “My Tata” video, his musical inspirations, working with Storch and Jeremih, what’s next, and more.

Tell us about the making of the “My Tata” video and your creative outlook behind it.

We wanted to create something that shows that Tata is the embodiment of the perfect woman. The woman that all men seek, who supports us in the good times and the bad ones as well. At the beginning of the video, I appear with several hot women in bed, but I’m not interested in them. During a party, I met Tata, and it was love at first sight. There is a lot of seduction, and we end up getting involved. The party ends up being interrupted by two gangsters who came in search of Tata. Scott Storch kindly accepted the invitation to participate in the video, and it is he who resolves the situation. At the same time, we see Jeremih in great moments of sensuality with his Tata. The creative idea was to have love at first sight with a lot of seduction and a dangerous situation. I have to thank Riveting Entertainment and Director Arrad.

What inspired this record and what was it like working with Scott Storch and Jeremih? What’s the most memorable moment from this process?

Scott Storch is a legend. I felt great satisfaction when he agreed to work with me. We produced some songs together, and one day we were working I got confirmation from Jeremih. I have great admiration for him. He arrived, and he had been watching the Narcos series, so it was fresh in his mind the importance of Tata in Escobar’s life. The letter was born like this, with a facility only within reach of the great.

We became friends, and we even made other songs after this one together in his studio. The most memorable moment was when we were all together listening to what we had just recorded. I could not believe the dream had come true. It was amazing.

When did music begin for you, who or what are your biggest inspirations, and can you see yourself without it?

I started singing at 10-years-old, but in a short time, I realized that I had a great passion for the Portuguese Guitar. My biggest inspirations are Michael Jackson and Johnny Depp. This project is a bit inspired by Carlos Santana, for the vision and career that he managed to have as a musician. Music is my life; I cannot live without it.

Photo Credit: James Hickey

Who are some other artists you would like to work with?

There are several artists I would like to work with. At this point, I would not like to name them because I cannot reveal my next features.

As a musician, do you focus on the lyrics or the sound when creating music?

When I’m creating music, it’s like I’m in a world apart. I do not specifically focus on anything. Making music is an art, things have to flow naturally, and we have to let ourselves go.

What’s next for you?

I’m preparing my second and third single and the album for the end of the year. I cannot reveal much yet, but I can say there are good surprises.

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