Xscape Debuts New Name In Wake of First Performance as a Trio

With three platinum-selling albums under their belt, 90’s girl group, Xscape is venturing on with one less member (Kandi Burruss) and has made an adjustment to their name. Reintroducing themselves to the world as XSCAP3, the trio — consisting of LaTocha and Tamika Scott and Tameka “Tiny” Cottle — is set to release new sounds to their awaiting fan base.

After a successful United States tour (“The Great XSCAPE Tour”), group member Kandi decided to not to continue on in the group’s pillage. In a recent interview with MadameNoire, Kandi further explained her departure. “I don’t want to mess with our legacy,” she said. “When we were a group, we had three platinum albums. All of our albums were hits. We never had a flop album. And things are not how they used to be back then. Records are not selling like they used to back then. I don’t want to put out an album and it does not [you know] be on that same level.”

Kandi went on to describe the group’s creative differences, stating that there was a majority rule vote within the group and she was often the odd man out on decisions. After being a solo artist and entrepreneur since Xscape’s initial dismantling after their 1998 album Traces of My Lipstick, Kandi was having a difficult time conforming to a group setting once again. She admitted to being a bit of a “control freak.”

To prevent any controversy, Kandi also took to Instagram recently to quell any drama between her and the other members. “I want to send love to my girls #Xscap3 & congratulate them on the moves their making! I want everybody to know that there is no drama,” Kandi wrote. “Its still love with us. I support what they’re doing with the new music & I want y’all to do the same. Pre-Order their new EP “Here For It”. & also get your tickets to #EssenceFest2018 because we’re all coming together to rock the stage again!”

Continuing on without their original member, the newly trio XSCAP3 is wearing their shortage with pride.

XSCAP3 will debut as a trio at the 2018 Bounce Trumpet Awards Sunday, February 11th. The Trumpet Awards is a prestigious annual event that celebrates the achievements and contributions within the African-American community.

Their forthcoming EP, Here For It is due out on March 3rd via their label XSCAP3 Entertainment.

The trio is also racking up major wins as they recently signed with talent agency Creative Artists Agency (CAA) to represent them worldwide.