EXCLUSIVE: Neila Talks ‘Sage’ EP, Zoey Dollaz, Individuality, Evolving as an Artist, More

Singersroom had the opportunity to sit down with recording artist, Neila, Earth’s favorite alien princess. The Florida native shared details on her new EP Sage, collaborating with Zoey Dollaz and talks returning to ATL, NYFW, Nike plus what to expect throughout 2018.

Neila, The Alien Princess, comes in peace stepping into Singersroom and here’s what she had to say!

Congratulations Neila on your ‘Sage’ EP, tell our readers a little bit about your vision and thought process of creating Sage?

Thank you, thank you! At first, I didn’t have a name for the project. I was going through a lot of personal things and life situations. I had just got out of an abusive relationship and my manager Paige, who’s well connected, got me to move back to Atlanta, but before I came back to Atlanta, I stopped by home, in Florida. At this point, I was going through a deep healing process, and I still am, but this project helped with my healing process. I come from a very spiritual family, not necessarily religious, but definitely spiritual, and my parents use frankincense and myrrh and sage blessing the house with prayers.

You have a dynamic melodic yet strong sound and a very compelling look. Who in the industry past or present inspires you?

As a writer, I aspire to be in the lane of Frank Ocean and James Fauntleroy, who Frank learned from, ya know. It’s all about the story for me. I’m super into Kendrick [Lamar] and J. Cole. I guess I like intellectual music. Kendrick is able to take actual intellect and make it commercial. I hate saying commercial, but he has a creative sense that he can make someone maybe not at the same intellectual level as him still understand and enjoy his lyricism. I want to be known as a storyteller artist. My look is honestly just me; I’m so weird, but that’s just me! I have a look that stands out, especially with Neon green hair and all. I’m very bright on the outside and on the inside I’m very tuned in with ghosts, science, politics and obviously aliens!

Describe yourself using one word. What does this word mean to you?

Gosh… hmm… describe myself… I’m going to use the adjective, growing [laughs]. I’m an artist, and I’m growing. I’m maturing through life and enjoying the journey. I’m learning and growing, figuring myself out. I know a lot of book knowledge and didn’t always know things about life, but I’m figuring it all out.”


How would you classify your sound?

My sound reflects my mood but definitely R&B for sure, but I’m versatile! I feel I can excel in any genre across the charts.

As an artist, what do you feel are three key components to having a successful music career?

Solid work ethic, being an artist, an independent artist at that, you’re responsible for everything. Being an artist is like being in college, you have to put in work. You can choose to go to class or not; no one is going to make you do it. Being an artist, you can choose to write music, stay in the studio and network but no one is going to hold your hand. I would love to say talent, but that doesn’t always seem to be a key factor nowadays, so individuality! There’s a stigma in the industry that artists are to be what labels and fans want you to be, but I feel being your unique, genuine self will take you further. Lastly, staying focus.

On Sage, you have a feature with Zoey Dollaz, how did that come about?

YES, ZOEY, THAT’S MY FRIEND! We’re both from Florida; he’s so genuine. It’s so hard to find genuine people not just in this industry but in life as a whole. He’s just awesome; love him to death. Now, the feature that was all my mom’s idea. My mom was like “Did you ask Zoey?” From there, I called Zoey, he said yes immediately, he came to Atlanta, we were in the studio, we laid the tracks, and that’s how it happened. That’s my baby; I love him.

What can we expect throughout 2018 from you?

A lot! Things happen to fall into my lap often due to my team, and I work hard. We are planning a little tour and a “Sage” concert here in Atlanta. I’ll be attending Fashion week in New York, which will for sure be a blast as well as a whole bunch of meetings with people I won’t yet name. We’re working, really hard! I’m leveling up and so grateful to have people in the industry who already love me and are sticking their neck out and supporting my brand. This year is definitely going to be taken to a new level. I’m continuously surprised, so much can happen, even last year I had two Nike Ad’s so this year will definitely be even crazier.

Clearly, there’s a lot to be tuned into with Neila and of course, Singersoom will be right there to deliver the details. Be sure to stay tuned with Neila and her music via Instagram @NeilaOfficial and Soundcloud. Check out her newest EP, Sage, below:

By Ciara Lee


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