Eve-Yasmine Reveals Touching Video For “Losing You”

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London-born Soul/Pop singer Eve-Yasmine releases a music video for “Losing You,” a song that tributes her grandfather.

“This video really means so much to me and I am very grateful for the team I had on it,” Eve says about the somber clip.

On the record, the 23-year-old deliver memorable and soulful lyrics about missing someone who was impactful in her life.

“I’m Losing You / And I don’t want to / I know the truth / But we’ll persist through,” she sings on the chorus. “Not giving up / In case we’re struck / In case you hear me.”

‘Losing You’ was penned by Eve and produced by UK based producer Sikeyo.

We’ve been supporters of Eve-Yasmine since meeting her in Morocco when she was sixteen.

Watch the video for ‘Losing You’ below:

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