Claire Renee Talks Believing In Your Craft, College, Dancer to Singer, More + EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE of ‘Yes You Are’ Video

Independent artist Claire Renee is a unique talent, who sings with a plethora of passion and vigor. Renee is a trained musician who has been influenced by many genres of music including jazz, rhythm and blues, hip-hop, and pop. In addition, Renee is a songwriter who strives to compose songs that would relate to people from all walks of life. 
Renee’s background speaks volumes! She started honing her craft in the arts since she was a child. Even though Renee was professionally trained as a dancer, she began exploring her options as a musician while in college. Now, she can merge her love for dance and music and express herself through art. spoke with the young singer about her career aspirations as a singer, and college student as well as her influences, and projects. Check it out!

The transition from Dancer to Singer: I started dancing since I was four years old. I received a scholarship from The Dance Theater of Harlem and studied ballet, tap, and jazz. My background was pretty much dance. But after I graduated from the Professional Performing Arts School, I decided to study music in college. I studied Music Business to learn more about the professional and business side of the industry. I wanted to help artists from making unnecessary mistakes. Then, I studied Vocal Performance to find my voice, create music, and come out of my shell. Music became a complementary piece in my life. I am always a dancer, but now I can add singer.

Musical Influences: I respect Alicia Keys so much because she is a musician. Yes, she is a wonderful singer, but she knows how to write and compose a song. She can tell you which chords work and which doesn’t. I learn from her that you have to stand by what you believe in musically. Be confident in what you’re doing. I would also have to say Janet Jackson; she is a great performer. I can relate to her because she is very soft spoken, but when she gets on stage, she is on fire. Its like she knows when she has to switch to Janet: The Entertainer. I also love Erykah Badu and Billie Holiday. They are unapologetic artists and took the world by storm. They stood on their own. But, my favorite singer is Bilal. I saw him perform live and he reminds me so much of Prince. It’s ridiculous. He’s a great vocalist, hands down. There are so many people; this list can go on.


Songwriting Process: I write from personal experiences, but not always. I write about whatever comes to me at that moment in time; I write based on what I see, what I’ve learned. I can write a song about the simple things we take for granted. We have to keep our mental and emotional health together. It’s a big issue in the world. I can have a whirlwind list of ideas.

Single, “License to Drive”: The song was written very early, and it’s about giving yourself a chance to see what’s out there in the world. You are in charge of your own destiny because you are in control. When I say “License to Drive,” you are taking charge and have full control over your life. You can do anything in this world because you are the vehicle. You can push it wherever you want it to go. It was great writing the song because the messages apply to my own life.

Studying Music in College: I didn’t finish my college education, but I learned so much as an artist. At the time, I was in a place where I wanted to learn and study music for myself, for my own learning. I learned from other musicians about instruments, vocal coaching; I just wanted to learn as much as I can. They were showing us how to communicate to musicians when you weren’t comfortable with different sounds and rhythms. It taught me to take my craft very seriously. I met some amazing people and achieved a level of greatness as a singer. I wanted to take my talent to the next level and skyrocket to the top. And school doesn’t always have to be inside of the building. You should take the time to work on your craft.

Future Projects: I am dropping visuals for the Let Me Glo EP and I am working on my forthcoming EP. On the forthcoming EP, I get a chance to write about the things that are meaningful in my eyes. I will be performing in New York and Los Angeles. Right now, I am just focused on my work, performing, and what I want to present to the people with this EP.