Jay Z & Beyonce Surpass $1 Billion Mark In Combined Wealth

We already thought Jay and Bey were collectively on billionaire status, but now it’s official; the hip-hop power couple has officially been certified a part of the billionaires club, according to Forbes.

The magazine reports that Combined, both the empires of Beyonce and Jay Z have been valued at $1.16 billion total, with Jay Z making bank at $810 million, and Beyonce’s household contribution totaling $350 million.

Jay’s empire includes a $200 million deal with touring company Live Nation earlier this month. Also, Sprint invested $200 million into his music streaming service TIDAL. And we can’t forget his logos Roc Nation, Roc Nation Sports and his champagne brand Armand de Brignac.

Bey’s empire stems mostly from her Formation tour in support of “Lemonade” which raked in more than $256 million in ticket sales and merchandise across 49 dates in Europe and the US. Her company Parkwood Entertainment also generates income as a fully functional media company, dabbling in everything from artist management to film-making to fashion.