Issa No: Restraining Order Granted To Prince’s Estate To Prevent ‘Deliverance’ EP Release

Welp, Prince fans, unfortunately there’s  no unreleased music to hear right now. Looks like Prince’s posthumous EP Deliverance won’t see the light of day after all.

Yesterday, it was reported that the six-track project curated by the late singer’s long time sound engineer Ian Boxill would be released tomorrow April 2st, the one-year anniversary of the passing of the music icon. It was also reported that Prince’s estate was seeking to halt the project’s release, accusing Boxill of violating an agreement with Prince that stated all recordings he worked on with the artist would remain Prince’s “sole and exclusive” property.

Yesterday, Prince’s estate got their wish; a federal judge granted the estate a restraining order to halt the project’s release until May 3rd when it expires. On that day, a hearing is scheduled to continue the case. According to TMZ, Boxill has now been ordered to turn over all recordings (estimated to be valued at $75,000) to Prince’s estate.

The EP has been removed from Apple Music, iTunes and Amazon Music. According to TMZ, anyone who pre-ordered on iTunes before the removal on Wednesday got an immediate download of one song.