Eric Bellinger Drops ‘Cannabliss’ EP For 4/20

Here to dispel those negative associations with marijuana is Eric Bellinger with Cannabliss, a 5-track EP and a declaration of love for “the good plant.” From The Game-featured “Blazin’ Wit The Bros,” to “Staring at the Ceiling,” Cannabliss touches on every aspect of the smoking experience with lush, woozy soul samples and reverb-heavy guitars and keys. The EP is a bite-sized encapsulation of what 4/20 is all about: blazing up and forgetting your sorrows for a few minutes of bliss. Cannabliss also boasts unique, appropriately trippy artwork for all five tracks (which you can check out on his Instagram).

Eric Bellinger describes the concept behind Cannabliss:

“Marijuana has a really dark cloud over it for some reason, but I happen to love everything about it. With the worldwide holiday 4/20 approaching, I wanted to do something in an attempt to help erase the negative stigma attached to it. My idea was to create a project about weed that everyone would love, especially the stoners! A project so good that people would enjoy it even if they didn’t smoke. A project so vibey, so smooth, so mesmerizing, so relaxing, so hypnotizing that the energy embedded in the sonics of music would subliminally relieve stress & cause the listener to feel high, effortlessly coercing them into a state of ‘CANNABLISS.'”

Cannabliss follows the releases of Eric B. For President: Term 1,  which dropped in September, and Term 2which dropped in March and features appearances from Wale, Victoria Monet, Elhae, and Tayla Parx.

Stream below:

Purchase Cannabliss on iTunes on 4/20.


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