[EXCLUSIVE] Daley Talks New Single ‘Until The Pain Is Gone’ with Jill Scott, Performing, Hobbies, and More

Many prominent soul singers originated from the UK including the late George Michael, Adele, Amy Winehouse, Ed Sheeran, Lisa Stansfield, and Seal. But now we can add Daley to the list. Daley is a brilliant singer and songwriter who is not a stranger to music. He began his career as a co-writer and collaborator on the Gorillaz hit “Doncamatic.” While launching his music career, he traveled across the Atlantic and worked with Maxwell, Marsha Ambrosius, Pharrell, and now Jill Scott.

His solo EP Those Who Wait became a smash hit in the United States. Daley’s music was labeled as “alternative R&B,” due to his indomitable voice. Daley also released his previous album, Days & Nights in 2014 and collaborated with producers, Pharrell, Andre Harris, and Bernard Butler. From that album, he released a Top 10 single “Look Up.” Media outlets such as The Grammys, BET, Soul Train, and Mobo Awards are impressed with his musicianship.

Three years later, Daley is back with new music! He is working on his second album, The Spectrum. Daley is a crafty musician. He recorded his latest love song, “Until the Pain is Gone” ft. Jill Scott, which exemplifies his growth as an artist and entering the next phase of his career. Daley describes his pleasurable experience with Jill when he says, “Having Jill involved is an honor,” Daley explains. “She’s royalty in my eyes- someone I’ve looked up to musically from a very malleable stage in my songwriting career. When I was just starting to understand how to put my feelings into song, Jill was one of a handful of influential artists who’s music helped me figure out how to channel that.”

Prior to the new album, Daley is currently on the road with soul recording artist Leela James for the months of April and May.

Singersroom chatted with UK native about his latest single, Jill Scott, touring, and so much more.

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Single “Until the Pain Is Gone” –  It was based on my personal experience. It was based on the storytelling approach. I found myself in a couple of relationships where, when I try to describe it in words, it’s hard. But it’s like two people can’t admit to each other how they really feel because of past experiences, commitment, or the fear of being too open. The song is about two people who are involved and love each other but can’t really embrace each other fully. It’s a decision you’re making. Are we going to move forward and let go of the things from the past that’s holding us back.

Collaborating with Jill Scott – I was actually writing the song myself. I met Jill a few years before. We stayed in touch, and I opened up for one of her London shows. I had a feeling while I was writing the song that it needed a female. The melody made me feel like I needed to add someone on the song. So after hesitation, I sent Jill over the track, and she loved it. She put her mark on it; it was just an honor to work with her on this record. I would love to work with her again.

Inspiration Behind Songwriting – It is usually when I have an emotion I’m struggling with or dealing with, I need to get it off my chest. It’s a nice way. It’s therapy. It’s a way to lay everything down and draw the line.

Forthcoming Album The Spectrum vs. Previous Album Days & Nights – It’s different, and it will be released later this summer. I am definitely writing from the same place. I’m trying to keep all of the things that are important to me: the emotion, the honesty, being relatable and recording the things that unite people. Those were the things I did for the first album. It touched me because people applied it to their own lives. People told me they listen to this song for this kind of situation or it got me through this situation. And that’s my purpose for me is to impact people and it’s therapy for myself. It’s different because I am in a different place in my life; I’ve been through a lot professionally. I’ve gone through a lot in the industry. I experienced a lot in love, but this album is not a heartbreak album. My first album was a heartbreak album, but this one deals with some relationship stuff. But I’m a bit more confident in myself, more sure of myself, and reflecting on my life. I know what it’s like for me to be here and live with my truth. If people like the first album, they would definitely like the second album. It has the same threads, but it’s more mature, and I wanted to try some other things. It feels like I’m taking the right steps for the next chapter.

Daley In His Spare Time – I’ve been cooking a lot lately, and it’s intense. I obviously do the music, but I started getting into the visual aspects of things. It’s hard for me not to be doing something. Cooking is one of my favorite things to get into and learning new techniques.

Something Quirky About Daley – I am a big Star Wars geek. That’s pretty unusual, but it’s a good weird.

The Undeniable Tour w/ Leela James – When you’re on the road, it’s fun because you know what you’re doing. You perform every night and travel to different cities. It was just good timing with Leela. Her album dropped, and it’s doing well, and I released the new single. For me, it’s like a warm-up tour. I haven’t toured in three years. It was a way for me to go on the road, visit radio, see the fans, and get some new fans.

Ideal Person to Work With Musically – I don’t have one, really. I never think about those things; it just happens naturally. I don’t have a bucket list; Prince was probably on the bucket list, but unfortunately, it’s not looking likely. I’ve been fortunate to work with some great people, which is why I don’t need a bucket list.

Upcoming Music Ventures – I’m running the single and probably drop a few more…well, maybe one or two right before the album comes out. Songs don’t have to be necessarily singles but create some great visuals behind them. Have fun and be creative with visuals. I have some shows coming up at the Essence Festival. I’m doing a headline tour in the fall in the States and the UK.

Fan Base in the UK vs. US – It’s quite similar, it’s just music lovers. Wherever my fans are, they appreciate the elements of music. I think in the states, R&B is more culturally acceptable. It’s more ingrained in the culture and history. I definitely feel like America gets me and the UK as well. But it’s more like a niche thing in the UK.

Advice for International Artists Making a Name in the US – I’m not sure because it happened to me naturally; America picked up my music, I didn’t specifically aim for it. I wouldn’t really know what to say, but to be honest in your music, connect with the people, and they will come to you.