Tangina Stone Talks Album ‘Elevate,’ Black Female Representation In The Industry & More, Plus Drops New Song ‘Anxious’

Alternative soul artist Tangina Stone’s album Elevate is popping in Japan, with her single “Exposed” feat. Nelly Furtado featured on the R&B/Soul Hot Tracks on iTunes Japan.

The project features 13 tracks that soundtrack moments of tragedy, love, mental health, and social crisis. The first single “Ride Off,” featuring lyricist, producer & engineer Crystal Caines, is a profoundly introspective record. Another invaluable addition to the album is “Black Boy” featuring the talented saxophonist, Kenneth Whalum. The subject matter could not be more timely noting the current political landscape and Stone’s social activism, paying tribute to her complex relationship with her father and the future of our generation. “[Caines and I] wanted [‘Black Boy’] to be a daring and honest song. ‘Black Boy’ was written about my father,” Stone explains. “My father was a young black man incarcerated at 18-years-old and hasn’t been in my life. I’ve been angry with him over the years. I’ve also discovered over the years that he has been discarded – thrown away, like many other black men in America. And I think about if I could go into a time machine, what I would tell him? What would I ask him?”

Stone is signed to IMG Agency, which expanded in December 2016 with a label division. IMG is one of few Black, female-owned and operated indie labels, and Tangina had a lot to do with the agency’s expansion. Stone’s current single “Anxious” (below) is a song inspired by Tangina’s battle with anxiety and mental health.  Elevate will release in the U.S. in May 2017.

Stone answered a quick Q&A with Singersroom about her first full-length album Elevate, who she’s collaborating with and her quest to increase female representation in the music business i.e. her being Black, queer and in-charge of her career.

Tell us about your upcoming first full-length album Elevate.

Elevate is a story about my own personal growth and elevation. Elevation requires separation. On my album, I let go of a lot of things. Releasing them has helped me on my path of personal growth.

Who are you collaborating with on the project?

I haven’t announced the track listing for the U.S. yet but some of the collaborations are rapper and producer Crystal Caines, who is one of the executive producers of the album, GRAMMY nominated saxophonist Kenneth Whalum and rapper Eddie Vanz. On the production side, I worked heavily with WOLFGVNG, he’s an amazing producer from the UK who’s working with some big names right now. I also worked with Nokturn and Fouche of !llmind’s Roseville Music Group.

You’re signed to IMG Agency, one of the few Black, female-owned and operated indie labels. How important is it for you to see female representation in the business part of the music business?

It is honestly the most important. Representation is so important right now. I couldn’t be any prouder than I am to be working with such an amazing team of women. We work so hard. I am excited to see all our hard work pay off.

How has being Black and queer impacted your career?

It impacts me daily. Beyond the way that others feel about me being black and queer. It effects my personal gaze and views, and makes an impact on the choices I make. The music I create. I make music for people like me and for people who are TRUE allies of the communities that I am a part of.