Vanessa White’s Mind is “Running Wild” With Freaky Thoughts

Vanessa White follows up her latest track “Good Good” with another sexy record called “Running Wild.” Penned by Vanessa and produced by London producer LongLivThePlug, on the sultry, mid-tempo track, she continues her reign as an artist to be reckoned with.

“I’ve been thinking all these f**king thoughts about you / Can’t hold it in any longer, make these fantasies come thru,” Vanessa sternly launches on the second verse.

“Whilst working on the EP I started to really embrace being more honest and open with what I write about in the studio and ’Running Wild’ is a product of that,” Vanessa told Nylon. “It’s about playing out a scenario in your mind that might or might not happen but because it explores using your imagination and tapping into your own desires, you can take it as far as you would like to. It’s about taking control of what you want and how you feel.”

She continued: “I’ve grown so much over the past year, both musically and through life experiences, including this solo journey which at times can be a bit of a rollercoaster. I can hear and feel that growth in the music and hope people who listen to it can feel it too and are able to take something away from it for themselves.”

“Running Wild,” along with “Good Good,” will appear on Vanessa’s upcoming EP, Chapter Two, dropping this Friday.

‘Chapter Two’ track list

1. Running Wild
2. Good Good
3. Rotation
4. Trust Me
5. Pressure
6. Good Good (Stripped Back)
7. Running Wild (Stripped Back)


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