Dawn Richard Preps ‘Infrared (Deluxe)’ Project, Drops ‘Paint It Blue (Rizzla Remix)’

LA’s Fade to Mind unveils the new deluxe edition of Infrared, a collaborative project from rising R&B star Dawn Richard and highly respected producer Kingdom. Alongside the EP’s original four tracks come ten new remixes from Fade to Mind regulars and extended family; Rizzla, Ikonika (Hyperdub), Helix (Night Slugs), Divoli S’vere and more.

On Rizzla’s remix of “Paint It Blue,” the infectious rhythms and Dawn’s signature encompassing melody combine for a magnetic, ambient offering.

Infrared is produced entirely by Kingdom with co-writing and lyrics by Prince Will (who also worked closely writing CUT 4 ME with Kelela).

Infrared (Deluxe) will arrive on Jan 27th, available on vinyl and CD for the first time. Peep the tracklist below:

CD & DL Tracklisting:

1. Honest
2. How I Get It
3. Paint It Blue
4. Baptize
5. Baptize (Kingdom’s Honest VTX)
6. How I Get It (Helix Remix)
7. Paint It Blue (Rizzla Remix
8. How I Get It (Leonce Remix)
9. Honest (Helix Remix)
10. Paint It Blue (Ikonika Remix)
11. How I Get It (Byrell The Great Remix)
12. Honest (Divoli S’vere Remix)
13. How I Get It (Divoli S’vere Remix)
14. Baptize (Leonce Remix)

LP Tracklisting:

Side A
A1. Honest
A2. How I Get It
A3. Paint It Blue
A4. Baptize
A5. Baptize (Kingdom’s Honest VTX)

Side B
B1. Paint It Blue (Rizzla Remix)
B2. How I Get It (Leonce Remix)
B3. Honest (Divoli S’vere Remix)
B4. Paint It Blue (Ikonika Remix)
B5. How I Get It (Helix Remix)