Not Again! Lifetime Plans Another Michael Jackson Movie

We all remember the abomination that was Lifetime’s 2004 made-for-TV movie “Man In the Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story” starring Flex Alexander as MJ (and we all would like to forget it, too).

Well, Lifetime wants to take another stab at telling MJ’s life story with another “biopic” named “Michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland.” Reportedly, Navi (MJ’s most famous impersonator), will take on the leading role, and the movie will be told from the eyes of his bodyguard.

While this seems like a shaky concept, there ARE a few people involved with the project who knew MJ personally, which should make this a more palpable film to watch. The film is based on Berry Gordy’s book Remember the Time: Protecting Michael Jackson in His Final Days and will be produced by music and film producer Suzanne DePasse, who developed Michael Jackson and The Jackson 5’s wardrobe and the act they took on the road. She was a producer for the award-winning show Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever, 1992’s mini-series The Jacksons: An American Dream, the TV mini-series The Temptations, and even TV shows like Sister, Sister.

What do you think: is Navi a good cast pick? Will DePasse do the story justice, or should they just leave it alone? Sound off below!