Report: Jamie Foxx Chokes Man After He Attacked The Star in a Restaurant (Video)

Jamie Foxx had a wild weekend. While out with friends at a West Hollywood restaurant on Saturday night, the R&B singer and actor got into a scuffle with another customer.

According to TMZ, Foxx and his friends were in the patio area at celebrity hot spot Catch restaurant when a man approached the group and complained that they were too loud.

The guy was said to be talking tough to Foxx and his friends, even yelling, “You don’t want to mess with me. I’m from New York.”

Apparently, someone in Foxx’s crew didn’t care what city the man was reppin’ and replied, “F*** you I’m from Oakland.”

This is when the situation reportedly got crazy with some witnesses claiming the man lunged at Foxx, grabbed him, and pulled him down onto a table. Foxx allegedly retaliated, flipping the situation to his favor by putting the guy into a choke hold and taking him down to the ground.

Following the melee, all parties were kicked out of the restaurant.

In a video posted to Instagram, used his comedic personality to address the incident. Holding a towel over his eye, he says, “F**k, word is out man. S**t, I know you all heard about this s**t man and saw some videos.”

He continued, “I just wanted to address happened Saturday, man, from my perspective. All I was trying to do was keep my eye on things man, keep my eye on things and sh*t just…”

Foxx then removed the towel and laughed, showing that his eye is completely fine. “I’m just f**king with you all,” he adds. “Everybody is good. 2017 we don’t want no violence, we don’t want to get hurt, we don’t want nobody hurt.”

The actor then plugged his new movie Sleepless, adding: “If you want to see me whoop some ass, you know what you can do? Go check me Friday the 13, Sleepless, go see your boy kick some ass for real.”


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