Naeya – Enough

San Francisco-native Naeya released her Secrets EP last week (Nov. 25), and she’s also released one of the project’s track’s “Enough.”

Produced by John Strucel, “Enough” infuses indie, electronic and R&B influences for an emotional, ambient ballad. The music video was directed by Elliot Feld and the renowned choreographer/actress Rai Quartley.

About the song, Naeya explained, “I wrote it about the common struggle in a relationship of two individuals afraid of letting each other in, completely. It’s about that moment in a relationship where two people choose to accept things as they are, not knowing there is something better if they let go of the baggage that holds them back from feeling again,” she says.



Naeya kept mum about her singer/songwriter dream all throughout high school and college. Upon graduating, a family friend convinced her to post her first singing video on YouTube which garnered thousands and thousands of hits overnight. Once her hidden talent was exposed, she decided to take the jump into unknown waters. She quickly signed a management and production deal, and moved to Los Angeles in 2012 to pursue her music career.

Purchase Naeya’s  Secrets EP on iTunes HERE.